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Below, please find links to other useful community and state resources:


Safe at Home West Virginia

The Safe at Home West Virginia wraparound services intervention helps improve identification of a youth’s and family’s strengths and needs; reduces the reliance on congregate care and length of stay in congregate care; reduces the reliance on out-of-state residential care; improves the functioning of youth and families, including educational attainment goals for older youth; improves timelines for family reunification; and reduces re-entry into out-of-home care.

Guide to Room-by-Room Repairs for Easy Accessibility for Disabled Loved Ones

Wood Ramp Design: How to Add a Ramp that Looks Good and Works Too


Top 5 things to consider when designing an accessible bathroom for wheelchair users.


Handicap Accessible Modifications That Won’t Turn Off Future Homebuyers


Wheelchair Gardening Tips


Building An Accessible Garage

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