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About Mountain CAP

Mountain CAP of WV, Inc., a CDC is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization providing services for low-income families in West Virginia. Our programs operate and are located in many counties throughout West Virginia including, but not limited to Braxton, Webster, and Upshur Counties.


Mountain CAP's Purpose:

  • To promote the social and economic improvement of Braxton, Upshur, Webster, and other counties in West Virginia through the application of acts and knowledge to the solution of problems and pursuit of opportunities; the Agency will conduct war on poverty and will strive toward the goal of eliminating poverty.

  • To strive toward the purpose of fighting poverty by investigating the counties' social and economic situation, identifying the subject areas needing attention, establishing program priorities, recommending possible remedial programs in view of available resources, encouraging the adoption of needed action by existing groups and/or organizations, and when necessary, initiating action programs.

  • To receive, manage, invest, and disperse funds for the purposes of the corporation from federal and state grants, public and private donations, and any and all other sources.

  • To provide a local focal point for the exchange of ideas to ensure better collaboration between federal, state, and local entities.




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