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Family Services:
Asset Building & Collaboration (ABC) Program

The Asset Building and Collaboration (ABC) Program was created in 2019 when the nationally accredited Mountain CAP of WV, Inc.’s Child Advocacy Center (CAC) was approached by the Upshur County Board of Education to find a way to address child and family mental health and behavioral needs in our community. Lewis County Board of Education also wished to adress these needs, so an ABC program was created in their county in 2020.
This program goes beyond concern for education; it addresses trauma, mental health, behavioral, economic, and social barriers that children and families experience that lead to lower success in school, impacting children’s potential in adulthood.
The goal of the ABC Program is to assist children and families in removing barriers to family stability and academic success by pairing families with Licensed Social Workers who visit homes and schools.


Who are you?

The Asset Building and Collaboration (ABC) Program is a partnership between the Mountain CAP of WV, Inc. Child Advocacy Center and the Upshur and Lewis County Boards of Education.

What do you do?

We work in the homes, communities and schools to help the students of Upshur County become more successful.

What are some of the services you provide?

We can offer a lot, including: advocacy, behavior improvement programs, family mentoring sessions, food distribution, linkage to services, mental health assessments, support services (including supportive counseling), transportation, and more! Our services match your family’s needs.

Is there anything you don't do?

Our social workers do not provide therapy or crisis intervention. If these are services you feel you need, we can help you find them!

How much of a commitment is this?

We strive to meet with our families at least once every other week. We can meet at your home, the students school, and in public places. We want you to be comfortable with our meeting place.

Do you work during school breaks?

Yes! Though we are a partnership with the BOE, we do not follow school calendar for vacations. We are lucky enough to work with you year-round!

Is this program mandatory?

No, it is voluntary. You may terminate your services with us at any time. If you decide to close your services with us, they can be started up again at any time, as long as the social worker has room on their caseload.

How do I start working with you?

A school employee will put in a referral for your student. After the school puts in a referral for your student, just hang tight, and a social worker will be in touch!

Meet The ABC Social Workers

Susan Harsh.jpg

Susan Harsh
Upshur County

Phone: 304-997-9689

Fax: 304-472-9064



Jennifer Lauler.jpg

Jennifer Lauler
Upshur County

Phone: 304-517-3778

Fax: 304-472-9064




Sarah Sienkiewicz
Upshur County

Phone: 304-997-2900

Fax: 304-472-9064



Tyler Pope
Upshur County

Phone: 304-997-9487

Fax: 304-472-9064




Cassandra Lamont
Lewis County

Phone: 304-678-0001

Fax: 304-472-9064



Our Wonderful Partners:

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